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The Going Green team has been involved in sustainability for over 30 years, collaborating with Central Government, Local Councils, businesses, and residents across the UK. They offer expert guidance, support, and advice, alongside practical solutions for a variety of renewable energy needs. The company provides three distinct ranges of batteries to cater to individual requirements and settings.

PylonTech Batteries
PylonTech offers versatile energy storage solutions for both homeowners and businesses. Their residential batteries boast high voltage and easy installation, suitable for any type of home. Their commercial range caters to various sectors with stackable and scalable options. These batteries help you store excess energy, cut costs, and break free from the grid.

GivEnergy Batteries
GivEnergy delivers immediate, low-cost battery power that can slash your electricity bills by up to 85%. Suitable for homes, businesses, and communities, their batteries integrate seamlessly with solar, wind, and hydro systems. Opt for GivEnergy to significantly reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying a durable and efficient energy storage solution.

What Happens Next?
A representative from Going Green will contact you to discuss your energy usage and potential savings with their battery systems.

Growatt Batteries
Growatt specialises in residential energy storage, promising 24/7 green energy. Compatible with new or existing solar systems, their batteries enhance your home's energy efficiency while offering a reliable backup. Advanced monitoring features keep you updated on energy usage and firmware.