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At, we highly recommend the Energy Saving Store for domestic battery storage solutions. They offer a blend of modern technology and expert service to ensure that your home remains powered even during outages. With their advanced battery storage systems, such as the Duracell Energy Bank, and the benefit of interest-free Energy Saving Trust funding, they stand out as a leading provider in Scotland, making renewable energy more accessible and effective for every household.

What Happens Next?
A representative from Energy Saving Store will contact you to discuss your energy usage and potential savings with their battery storage systems.


Optimising Home Energy: Energy Saving Store specialises in integrating advanced battery storage systems that enhance energy independence for households. Their solutions are designed to store surplus solar energy generated during the day, ensuring you have a continuous power supply, even after the sun sets. This not only maximises the use of generated solar energy but also significantly reduces reliance on the grid, offering a smarter way to manage home energy.

Tailored Energy Efficiency: Recognising the unique energy needs of each household, Energy Saving Store provides customised battery storage options. Whether you’re looking to fully power your home during peak times or ensure backup during outages, they offer systems that can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. Their approach ensures that every installation maximises both energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, aligning perfectly with the modern homeowner’s energy goals.

Why Choose Energy Saving Store:

  • Reliable Power Supply: Store solar energy effectively, ensuring your home remains powered during outages or peak times.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Utilise stored energy during high tariff periods, significantly lowering electricity bills.
  • Enhanced Energy Independence: Minimise dependence on the grid, enhancing your home’s energy self-sufficiency.
  • Seamless Integration: Systems are compatible with existing solar installations, making upgrades simple and efficient.
  • Interest-Free Funding: Access to Energy Saving Trust grants helps make the initial investment more affordable.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Reduce your carbon footprint by maximising the use of renewable energy.
  • Long-Term Savings: With systems designed to last and minimal maintenance required, enjoy prolonged benefits without additional costs.

What Happens Next?
A representative from Energy Saving Store will contact you to discuss your energy usage and potential savings with their solar and battery systems.