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At, we highly recommend Contact Solar. With an unparalleled 5/5 rating on both Trustpilot and Google, from a combined 900+ reviews (with the highest Trustpilot rating in the UK solar industry) your satisfaction is guaranteed. Since its inception in 2012, the company has built an enviable reputation for offering tremendous value for money, backed by exceptional customer service.

What Happens Next?
A representative from Contact Solar will contact you to discuss your energy usage and potential savings with their solar systems.


Leaders in Battery Storage Solutions

Since 2012, Contact Solar has been at the forefront of renewable energy solutions, extending their exceptional service and value to the solar and battery storage market. With years of industry experience, they offer cutting-edge solutions tailored for efficient and reliable energy storage.

Trust Through Accreditations

Holding esteemed accreditations such as MCS, NIC EIC, and TrustMark, along with the HIES government-backed guarantee, Contact Solar assures quality and reliability in battery storage installations. These credentials underscore their commitment to providing only top-tier products and services in this increasingly important field.

Continual Quality Assurance

Subject to regular audits to maintain and exceed their high-quality standards, Contact Solar is dedicated to ensuring that their battery storage solutions are nothing short of excellent. This consistent quality assurance ensures that customers receive durable and effective products, backed by an expert installation team.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

With a sterling 5/5 Trustpilot rating based on more than 400 reviews, Contact Solar stands as a top choice in the UK for battery storage solutions. Their expertise in customer satisfaction translates seamlessly into this specialized sector, making them a prime pick for homeowners looking to optimise their energy storage.

Why Choose Contact Solar:

  • Which Trusted Trader: You’re in safe hands with a provider that carries this esteemed accreditation.
  • Unbeatable Trustpilot Rating: With the highest Trustpilot rating in the UK solar industry, customer satisfaction is a given.
  • HIES Government-Backed Guarantee: For added peace of mind, Contact Solar is part of the HIES scheme, giving you an extra layer of consumer protection.
  • MCS, NIC EIC, and TrustMark Approved: These accreditations assure you that you’re getting a high-quality, efficient system installed by certified professionals.
  • Longstanding Experience: With nearly a decade in the business, they have both the experience and the testimonials to prove their reliability.
  • Impeccable Customer Service: An integral part of their business ethos, making sure you’re satisfied at every step of your solar journey.
  • Audited for Quality: Frequent audits ensure that the high standards you expect are not just met, but continually improved upon.

What Happens Next?
A representative from Contact Solar will contact you to discuss your energy usage and potential savings with their solar systems.